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The Internet is Weird

The Internet is Weird

I’ve decided to start documenting the strange occurrences I come across on the Internet (denoted with the hashtag #theinternetisweird). It will primarily record the odd coincidences / obscurities Google ads or Facebook throw at me while leisurely surfing.

The idea came to me last week while I was reading an article about creepy things kids say, and Google ads suggested I try out a career in childcare. The concept was further cemented as I was browsing through images, and came across this…


followed directly beneath with a Dan Murphy’s ad. I tried to catch it, but with a screen reload it was gone.

Anyhow, the concept presented itself again tonight, not with as much irony, but it was enough to rekindle the idea and make me run with it.

So it begins with this, which appeared in my FB feed, and with a happy birthday to both Jamie Oliver and Vincent Price (posthumously).

May you both rest in peace tonight, one more so than the other.